Editing Skin EmotIcons

EmotIcons are small images that can be included within messages to represent an emotion. Unique text based short-cuts are defined for EmotIcons which are translated at run-time into the associated EmotIcon. Each skin within InstantForum can have its own unique collection of EmotIcons.

Editing EmotIcons Via The Admin CP

To create or edit skin EmotIcons you should use the Edit EmotIcons option within the drop down list aligned right of the skin you wish to customize as within the Admin CP > Manage Skins > Edit Skin Emoticons.

From here you can manage all the EmotIcons that will be available when the skin is used; this is shown below...

Editing EmotIcons By Hand

EmotIcons available to users within your skin can also be modified by editing the EmotIcons.xml file that can be found within the root of each InstantForum skin folder as shown below...