InstantForum stores all text displayed within the application user interface within structured XML files. This allows you to easily customize the text or create who new language packs for both InstantForum.

What are  Language Packs?

A InstantForum Language Pack is simply a folder containing all the text displayed to users stored within XML format. Each Language Pack contains several key XML files. Language packs should be added to the "Globalization" directory within the root of your InstantForum web application.

The key language pack files are detailed below...


This is the main language file and contains all the text used within the applications users interface. 

For InstantForum you can see an example of the Resources.xml file at...

See Customizing Interface Text and Emails


This is a client-side JavaScript file that contains strings displayed via client-side JavaScript controls.


This contains the email templates which can also be localized.

For InstantForum  you can see an example of the Emails.xml file at...

See Customizing Email Templates.


This is the main definition file that contains the name of your language pack that's displayed within our products. You should provide an informative name i.e. English, German, Chinese etc. For example...

The name provided here for your Language Pack will be the name displayed within the language selection drop down list. For specific InstantForum localization files please refer to the links within this localization section.