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Choosing between markdown or HTML


As of InstantKB 2018 when you create new content within InstantKB by default you'll be presented with the new markdown editor. Markdown is a lighter weight version of HTML and aims or offer a simpler and more consistent authoring experience when creating content within InstantKB.

If you prefer to create your articles using regular HTML which offers more flexibility as an InstantKB administrator you can visit the InstantKB Admin CP > Settings > Knowledgebase page to change the default editor syntax when creating or editing content within InstantKB. You can see these settings below...

Allow both HTML or Markdown

This option allows your content authors to choose the editor experience they prefer to create or edit content. Content authors will have the ability when creating or editing articles to toggle between the markdown or HTML editor.

Enforce HTML

With this option selected InstantKB will work as it did before the InstantKB 2018 update and content authors will always be presented with the HTML editor when creating or editing content.

Enforce Markdown

Choose this option if you wish to enforce that content authors use markdown when creating new content. If content authors edit existing content that was created with the regular HTML editor the regular HTML editor will be displayed.

Swapping between Markdown or HTML

InstantKB can convert your markdown articles into HTML however you cannot convert existing HTML articles into markdown. If you wish to convert existing HTML articles to markdown you will need to ensure the "Allow both HTML or Markdown" option is enabled and then edit the HTML article via the InstantKB Agent CP. You will need to manually copy the contents of the HTML editor then toggle to the markdown editor and paste your contents. You can toggle between the HTML or markdown editor if the "Allow both HTML or Markdown" option is enabled as shown below...

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