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Creating Articles within InstantKB


To create articles within InstantKB you will first need access to the InstantKB Agent CP. Once you have access to the InstantKB Agent CP you can add content to any knowledge base, troubleshooter, download or documentation space you have permission to view. You can see all configured spaces running vertically down the left of the Agent CP. To add new articles or content to any space simply click the space you wish to add content to and choose the "New" option as shown below...

Tags, Attachments & Related Links

To associate tags, file attachments or related links to your article you must first save your article. Once you save your article you'll see several additional options shown to the top right of the article. This is shown below...

Private v Public Articles

When creating or editing articles you may see an "Access Type" field typically towards the bottom of the edit article page. This is an important field as it controls the visibility of your article to end users within your public facing support site.

Private (Visible only to agents)

With this access type content will remain private and only visible via the Agent CP to support agents.You should leave articles in the private access type whilst composing the article until it's ready to be published.

Public (Visible to all)

Once the article is ready for pubic consumption you can change the access type to "Public" which will make the article visible to the user groups allowed to view the article on the front-end support site.

You can automate the access type field via workflows to enforce content approval processes. For further information please see "Workflow for content approval within InstantKB".

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