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Configuring Calls within InstantKB


InstantKB provides telephony services via our built-in integration with twilio. With the InstantKB twillo integration enabled you can:-

  • Make outbound phone calls from within the InstantKB Agent or Admin CP
  • Receive & accept calls to your twillio number from any page within InstantKB
  • See full customer profile, notes & previous tickets the moment customers call
  • Automatically create new tickets to log every inbound and outbound call related to the caller
  • Make notes during calls which are automatically added to the ticket created for the call
  • Forward incoming calls to the next available free agent
  • Block unwanted calls to keep your agents focused on helping customer

In this article we'll detail the steps necessary to configure both InstantKB and twillo to allow you to receive and accept incoming calls via InstantKB.

Configuring Twillo

Head over to twilio at and create an account. You'll need to create an account to access the twilio dashboard and configure your twilio application and phone number.

Once you've created your account visit the twilio dashboard and create a "Project". You should create a "Programmable Voice" project and provide a project name.

Once you've created your project you'll notice the project is assigned a "ACCOUNT SID". Make a note of this "ACCOUNT SID" as you'll need to enter this value into the InstantKB Admin CP later on. If you click the "ACCOUNT SID" within the twilio dashboard this should reveal further information for your account.

You can see this below...

Once you've made a note of your Account SID and Auth Token the next step is to create the TwiML application within twilio that will be called when an incoming call is received. Search for "app" within the twilio dashboard search or visit the URL below to create your TwiML application...

Provide a name for your TwiML app. The important part here is to ensure you accurately provide a "Voice URL". The voice URL should resolve to your InstantKB installation URL with the suffix Twiml.aspx. For example if your InstantKB installation is installed at then the "Voide URL" would be You can see this below...

Make a note of your TwiML Application SID

Once you've created your TwiML application edit the application you just created and make a note of the SID for your TwiML application. You'll need to enter the SID for your TwiML application within InstantKB once we've set-up twilio. You can see your TwiML application SID as shown below...

Now you've configured the TwiML application the next step is to purchase a phone number or caller ID from twilio. This will be the phone number customers can call into which will trigger the incoming call alert within InstantKB and allow you to accept the call via InstantKB.

To purchase a phone number from twilio search for "phone number" within the search bar of the twilio dashboard or visit...

From here you can search for local numbers and purchase numbers on a monthly basis. Choose a number that you like and proceed through the checkout process.

Once you've purchased your phone number you can configure this number to use your TwiML application we created above to call the Twiml.aspx end point within InstantKB when new calls are received. You can see these settings below...

At this point we are now complete with the Twilio configuration.

You should now have the following information...

  • Caller ID or Purchased Phone Number
  • Account SID
  • Auth Token
  • Application SID

These are the key values you'll need to enter within InstantKB via the Admin CP > Channels > Phone page. This is described below.

Configuring InstantKB

You'll need to visit the InstantKB Admin CP and click "Channels" on the left. Then click "Phone". You can enter all required twilio from the Admin CP > Channels > Phone page. You can see below a screen grab showing the information you'll need to provide...

That's It!

At this point you should be able to make and receive calls via InstantKB. Should you encounter any issues configuring phone services of course please don't hesitate to submit a support ticket we'd be delighted to assist.

Optionally provide private feedback to help us improve this article...

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