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Closing topics within InstantForum

Moderating Conversations

It's sometimes helpful to lock or close topics to prevent further new replies to the topic. Within InstantForum forum moderators can close any topic providing they have the necessary moderator permissions.

Ensuring you have the necessary moderator permissions

You first need to ensure the user account you are logged in with is set-up as a moderator for the forum that contains the topic you wish to close or lock for further replies. If you visit the forum that contain the topic you wish to lock you'll see at the very bottom of the forum a "Moderators" area that shows the users that have been associated as a moderator with the forum.

Your user account you are logged in with must appear within the "Moderators" area at the bottom of the forum that contains the topic you wish to lock or close. If your username does not appear here or you don't see check-boxes alongside each post within the forum it's likely your user account has not been associated as a moderator with the forum.

In addition InstantForum allows you to set-up different moderation permissions on a per forum basis for each forum moderator. For example you can allow a moderator to close topics within Forum A whilst not allow the moderator to close topics in Forum B. This is helpful if you wish to give moderators different permissions for different forums within your community.

Within the moderator permissions for the forum you'll need to ensure the "Can close topics" topics option is enabled.This can be configured via the InstantForum Admin CP and is discussed below.

Ensure "Can close topics" is enabled for the moderator

As an administrator within InstantForum you'll need to visit the InstantForum Admin CP. Click Manage Moderators on the left. Then click the moderator username or choose to add a new moderator.

If your moderator already exists and you click there username you'll see a list of forums that moderator has been assigned to moderate. You can then click any individual forum for that moderator to adjust the moderation options available for the moderator within that forum. To allow moderators to close topics you'll need to ensure the "Can close topics?" option is enabled.

How to close / lock a topic

Once you've been set-up as a moderator and have been given the ability to close topics you'll see check-boxes alongside each topic within the forum you've been assigned to moderate. You can see we've selected a single topic below and can choose "close topic" via the moderation tools.

Once we close the topic this will prevent everyone from post new replies within the topic. You can however override this as discussed below to still allow trusted member groups (moderators, administrators etc) to post in closed forums or topics.

Posting Within Closed Forums & Topics

By default when you close a forum or topic within InstantForum no new topics or replies can be added to the forum or topic. However InstantForum allows you to override this behavior via permission sets. For example you may wish to close a forum or topic for regular users but still allow your moderators or administrators to post within the forum or topic.

Within each InstantForum permission set you'll find an option called "Can post (if available) within closed forums?" and "Can post (if available) within closed topics?". You should ensure these options are disabled for each permission set you won't wish to allow to post within closed forums or topics.

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