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Monitoring Email Accounts within InstantKB


InstantKB can monitor your POP3 or IMAPI mail server to convert email messages into assignable support tickets within InstantKB.

All automation features within InstantKB can be applied to tickets converted from email. For example you can have rules automatically trigger an email acknowledgement to the customer or automatically route or assign service level agreements to issues depending on the customers support entitlements.

If configured how does InstantKB poll my mail server?

If you configure InstantKB to monitor your mail server your InstantKB installation will directly communicate with your mail server using standard POP3 / IMAPI protocols. No 3rd party mail services are required or in the middle of the connection between your InstantKB installation and your mail server.

InstantKB will automatically periodically poll your email servers on background thread so not to effect your web site performance every 5 minutes. You can also perform a manual check at anytime via the relevant tab within the InstantKB Agent Control Panel. This is shown below.

Can I perform a manual send & receive?

When configuring InstantKB to monitor a specific email account you will be required to select a issue tracking tab that the converted email will appear within. For example the Tickets tab. Within each issues tracking tab within InstantKB we'll find a email icon within the tool bar along the top that allows you to manually check all email addresses configured for that tab. You can see this button below...

Is a copy of the email left on my mail server?

Yes. InstantKB will always leave the original email message on your email server. This allows you to also download the email in other locations for other purposes if desired.

Does InstantKB support TLS / SSL to communicate with our mail server

Yes. When adding a new email account to monitor via the InstantKB Admin CP > Channels > Emails page you will have the option to exotically set the port used for communication and to indicate if TLS is required.  You will of course also need to provide the username and password for your email account. This information is stored locally within your InstantKB database using the highest strength encryption currently available AES256.

Will InstantKB notify me as new emails arrive?

Yes. If you leave the InstantKB Admin or Agent control panels open within your web browser a notification bar will pop-up at the bottom of the control panel showing how many new messages have arrived since you last refreshed the web page. You can also configure rules to automatically send email notifications as new issues arrive depending on specific conditions within the issue.On the Manage Tickets page new issues received via email that have not received a response yet by any support agent will be flagged with a blue circle and the title will be bold.

Can InstantKB handle attachments sent via email?

Yes. File attachments sent within an email message that was converted to an issue within InstantKB will appear at the top of the support ticket within the Agent CP.  By default InstantKB will allow the following attachment types...

  • .ascx
  • .aspx
  • .avi
  • .bmp
  • .chm
  • .config
  • .cs
  • .csproj
  • .css
  • .doc
  • .gif
  • .htm
  • .inf
  • .jpg
  • .js
  • .mdb
  • .mov
  • .pdf
  • .png
  • .pub
  • .rar
  • .sln
  • .sql
  • .txt
  • .vb
  • .vbproj
  • .vbs
  • .vsd
  • .xls
  • .xml
  • .xsn
  • .zip
  • .docx
  • .pptx
  • .xlsx
  • .jpeg

If a file is sent as an email attachment and it's not included within this list of allowed attachment types the attachment will not be saved. As an administrator you can of course customize the list of allowed file types via the Admin CP > More > Tab > Attachment Types page.

Can I send attachments to customers when responding to tickets received via email?

Yes. When an email is converted into an issue within InstantKB you can view & respond to the issues just as you would as if the issue was received via your InstantKB support portal. When you attach files to your response these will be sent as attachments to your email reply to the customer.

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