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Using a custom form within InstantKB

Custom Forms

InstantKB allows you to design you own custom data entry forms for adding or editing articles. This allows you to add, remove or re-arrange fields depending on your specific content requirements. For example if your creating support articles for specific products or versions of products you may wish to add a custom product or version field to your form used to create & edit articles.

In this article we'll detail how you can create your own custom form and set this as the default data entry form for your chosen tab within InstantKB. We'll create a form with just 3 fields. These will be Title, Text & Product. The Title & Text fields are built-in fields that already exist within InstantKB however we'll add a custom Product field.

Creating a Custom Form

In this example we'll change the form used for our default Knowledgebase tab. To get started we first need to create a custom form to use.

  1. Navigate to the InstantKB Admin CP
  2. Click "Forms" on the left and then "Add Forms"
  3. Provide a name for your custom form, select the Knowledgebase tab and click "Create Form"
  4. Once you've saved your form you'll be presented with a view that allows you to further customize the form. This view allows you to re-arrange fields, delete or hide fields, mark fields as required or set default values for fields. You can see the form designer below for our custom form...

  5. As we only wish to display the Title & Text fields we should delete all fields we don't need. To delete all non-required fields simply click the check-box within the header row as shown below...

  6. Once you've saved your changes your form will contain only 2 fields as shown below..

  7. The next step is to add our custom Product field. Click the Add Field button when editing your forum as shown below...

    We will need to decide which field type to use for our custom Product field. In this example we'll use a single select drop down list so support agent can select from a list which product the article relates to. From the Add Field page choose the "Select" field type as shown below and click Continue...

  8. You will now need to complete the details for the custom Product field we are adding. Provide a name for example "Product" You will notice you can specify values for the various product down list values. You can see below we've completed our Product custom field and entered some example values...

    Once you've created the field you will be returned to the Edit Form page and will need to then add your new Product field to the form...

  9. Once you've added the Producct field our form will look like so...

Setting Our Custom Form As the Default Knowledgebase Form

Now we've created a custom form we want to use for adding & editing articles within our Knowledgebase tab we need to set this custom form as the default form when adding or editing articles within our Knowledgebase tab. ​

To set the default form to use for any tab you'll need to follow the steps below...

  1. Navigate to your InstantKB Admin CP
  2. Click "Tabs" on the left, click "Manage Tabs"
  3. Click the Knowledgebase tab
  4. When editing the Knowledgebase tab locate the "Default Form" drop down list and update this to use the form we created previously. You can see this below...

  5. Once you've updated the Tab Form for the tab be sure to scroll to the bottom and save your changes.

Testing Our Changes

When adding new articles or editing existing articles within our Knowledgebase tab via the Agent CP we will now be presented with our new custom form and will only need to complete 3 fields to create new articles. You can see how our field template appears within the Agent CP 

Applying Custom Forms At Work Flow Steps

It's also possible to override the default form set for any tab when content within that tab is within a specific work flow step. This can be helpful if you wish to restrict or provide access to additional fields depending on the state of an article within InstantKB. For example if an article is in review you may wish to use a custom form to hide the Access Type field to ensure authors can't directly publish content to your public facing support site without it first going through a review work flow process.

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