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How Agent Departments Work Within InstantKB

Agent Departments

 Agent departments within InstantKB are used to help you organize your support agents and can be used control the content & functionality available to support agents within the InstantKB Agent CP.

You can edit the departments associated with any support agent via the Admin CP > Agents page. It's important to note you will only have the ability to modify a departments for user if they belong to a support agent user group. By default this is the Agent / Staff user group.

Similar to regular user groups you can associate a support agent with one or more agent department. The agent departments associated with a support agent can be used to control the following...

Controlling Available Work Flows Via Agent Departments

You can control the work flows available to support agents when editing content or responding to support tickets by department. When you create a work flow within InstantKB via the Admin CP you will have the option to associate the work flow with one or more agent departments.

Routing Support Tickets Based On The Selected Department

You can create rules within the InstantKB Admin or Agent CP to automatically trigger notifications, assign or organize submitted support tickets based on the department the user selected when submitting a support ticket via the InstantKB web interface.

Controlling Support Ticket Due Dates By Department

When editing a agent department you can set optional working hours for the agent department. These working hours are used to calculate the due date for inbound support tickets directed to the department if a service level agreement has been associated with the support ticket.

Controlling Agent Permissions By Agent Department

The primary department associated with a support agent is used to determine the agent permission set to apply to the support agent within the agent control panel. This can be used to control access to specific tabs on a per department basis within the InstantKB Agent CP.

Controlling Access to Tab for Support Agents within the Agent CP

Agent departments can also be used to control the tabs available to support agents within the Agent CP. This can be helpful if you wish to ensure support agents can only edit & manage the content that belongs to them. For further information please refer to Control Access to Tabs within the Agent CP.

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