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The InstantKB Default User Groups

User Groups

By default InstantKB is provided with six default user groups. You can access and manage these user groups from the Admin CP > Users > Groups page. The six default user group are as follows....

  • Administrator
  • Agent / Staff
  • Awaiting Activation
  • Registered User
  • Banned User
  • Anonymous Visitor

These user groups are designed to represent the typical groups of users that will use your InstantKB support center. A explanation of each default user group is provided below.

Administrator User Group

This is the default administrator user group provided by InstantKB. Any user who belongs to the administrator user group will have full access to your InstantKB Admin CP.

Agent / Staff User Group

The is the default support agent user group. Any user who belongs to the Agent / Staff user group will have access to the InstantKB Agent CP. The InstantKB Agent CP is seperate from your InstantKB Admin CP. The Agent CP is used to create content within your knowledge base and respond to support tickets submitted by end users.

Awaiting Activation User Group

When users register via your InstantKB public facing support site and you have the "Registration Method" on the Admin CP > Settings > Login & Registration page set to "Confirmation Email" InstantKB will place the new user account into the Awaiting Activation user group and will send the user an email with a unique link to confirm there email address. Once the user clicks the link within the confirmation email they will be moved to the Registered Users user group.

Registered User User Group

This is the user group users are placed into once registration confirmation in complete.

Banned Users User Group

This user group is not used by default however it's provided to allow administrators to place problematic users into this user group. The permission set associated with the banned user group has limited functionality enabled.

Anonymous Visitor User Group

If a user is not logged in or authenticated within your InstantKB installation they are treated as an anonymous visitor and are placed into this group. So if you wanted to disable specific features for anonymous users such as article commenting you would edit the permission set associated with the anonymous visitors user group to achieve this.

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