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How User Permissions Work within InstantKB

User Permissions

User permissions allow you to manage the features and behavior available to your regular users within your public facing support center. For example maybe you want to disable article comments for anonymous users or maybe you want to require users first create an account before they can submit a support ticket. User permissions allow you to control behavior like this and much more.

There are hundreds of options available within each permission set to help you precisely customize the features you wish to make available within your public facing support center You can edit global settings within each permission set and permissions specific to each tab that exists within your installation.

InstantKB comes with six out the box user permission sets. You can manage or add to these permission sets via the Admin CP > Users > Permissions page. The six default permission sets are...

  • Administrators
  • Agent/ Staff
  • Awaiting Activation
  • Registered Members
  • Anonymous Visitors
  • Banned

Each default user permission set listed above is associated by default with the corresponding default user group.

How are user permission sets applied to a user?

Each user permission set is associated with a InstantKB user group. For example the Anonymous Visitors user permission set is associated with the Anonymous / Guest user group, whilst the Agent / Staff user permission set is associated with the Agents / Staff user group and so on.

The permission set applied to a user is then determined by the primary user group the user belongs to. For example if a user has a primary user group of Agent / Staff the user permission set associated with the Agent / Staff user group will be used for that user.

If users are not logged in or authenticated within InstantKB all anonymous users are automatically placed into the default Anonymous Visitors user group provided with InstantKB meaning the Anonymous / Guest permission set will always be applied for anonymous users.

Use cases for User Permission Sets

Enable / Disable Article Comments

You can use permission sets to control if comments are allowed for articles within any of your InstantKB tabs. For further information please see Enable / Disable Article Comments Within InstantKB.

Require registration before users can submit support tickets

You may wish to require users create an account within your InstantKB support center before they can submit new support tickets. User permission sets allow you to control this behavior.

Allow anonymous users to submit support tickets

It's also possible to allow anyone to submit new support tickets via your InstantKB support center without requiring registration. Again this is achieved through user permission sets. For further information please see allowing anonymous users to submit support tickets.

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