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Accessing the InstantKB Admin CP

Getting Started

After installing InstantKB you may wish to configure additional settings via the InstantKB Admin Control Panel or Admin CP. After installing InstantKB you can login to the Admin CP like so...

  1. Click Login within the top right of the InstantKB homepage
  2. Enter the default administrator credentials shown below...

    Email Address:
    Password: admin

    Click Login.

  3. Once logged in you'll be returned to the InstantKB homepage. You will notice the Login & Register links displayed within the upper right have now been replaced with your username.
  4. Click the icon alongside your username as shown below to display options specific to your account...

  5. Click the Admin CP link to access the administrator control panel as shown above.

Once you are able to access the InstantKB Administrator Control Panel it's important to update the default administrator account credentials.​For further reading please refer to Updating the default InstantKB Administrator Account.

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