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Changing your forum name and email address

Getting Started

After installing InstantForum we would suggest you update both the "Forum Name" and "Forum Email Address" accessible from the Admin CP > Settings > General Settings page Each of these settings are explained below.

Forum Name

The forum name is used as the page title for your community homepage and also appears within all emails sent from InstantForum to help users identity the source of the email. For example if a user requests a password reset the sender of this email will be the "Forum Email Address" discussed below and the "Forum Name" will appear by default both within the subject and body of the reset password email. This helps users identity the email has come from your community.

You can see below we've updated the forum name to represent our example company name...

Forum Email Address

The forum email address is also important as this will be used as the sender for all application generated emails. Again if a user resets there password the password reset email will appear to come from the email address you define here. Similar all notification emails and subscription emails will be sent from the email address you define here.

It's important you provide a valid working email address for the "Forum Email Address" field. If you don't provide a valid working email address some emails may be rejected.

Once you've updated the "Forum Name" and "Forum Email Address" fields you can scroll to the bottom of the General Settings page and save your changes. You will now notice the "Forum Name" is used as the page title within your browser for your InstantForum homepage.

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