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How to mark a topic as a featured post / pinned topic

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As a moderator within InstantForum you can pin any topic within a forum you've been assigned to moderate. Pinning a topic will ensure the topic appears at the top of the forum the topic was posted to. Pinning a topic will also ensure the topic appears within the "Featured Posts" section on the InstantForum home page.

A pinned topic within the Featured Posts section is shown below...

The same topic is shown as a pinned topic within the Company News forum as shown below...

To pin topics within a forum you must first associate your user account or the desired user account as a moderator for the forum that contains your topic. To add yourself or any other user as a moderator to the forum please see Creating & Editing Forum Moderators.

When adding or editing a moderator to ensure the moderator can pin topics you should ensure the "Can pin topics" option is enabled when adding or editing the forum moderator.

Once you've added your user account as a moderator for the forum when viewing the forum via the front-end user interface you will now see additional check boxes alongside each topic. These check boxes allow you to select topics and perform additional moderation actions on the topic. You can see this within our Moderating Topics article.

You can now select the topics you wish to make featured or pinned and select the "Pin Topics" option from the moderation options displayed when you select topics to work with.

As always if you have any questions of course please don't hesitate to submit a support request.

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