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The Administrator Control Panel or Admin CP within InstantKB is separate from your agent control panel and is accessible only to authenticated users within InstantKB who belong to any role marked as an administrator role.

By default InstantKB provides a single built-in "Administrator" role and default administrator account. Any users who belong to this role will have access to the administrator control panel. To grant other users access to the administrator control panel you can simply edit there account via the Admin CP > Users page and ensure they belong to an administrator role.

The administrator control panel is separate from the agent control panel as once things are set-up & configured via the administrator control panel you generally don't need to access the administrator control panel as much as the agent control panel. You will likely access the separate agent control panel on a daily basis as the agent control panel is where you respond to support questions (tickets) and create content (articles, download etc) for your support site.

To help you get around once you access the administrator control panel the screen grab below highlights the 3 key navigation areas within the administrator control panel interface. We provide a further explanation of each further below...

1. Main Navigation

This area contains links to manage the main areas within InstantKB. From here you can manage tabs, workflows, forms, fields, users, agents, channels, settings & permissions. You can also access reports from this menu for each tab within InstantKB.

For example if you wanted to add a new user within InstantKB and grant them access to the agent control panel you would first need to visit the administrator control panel to create the new user and associate there account with the support aget role.

2. Header Navigation

The same constant header options are displayed in both the Agent & Admin control panels.

These options help you quickly capture and find content (articles, downloads etc), contacts (people who contact you through support) & issues (questions submitted by contacts through support)..

1, Quick Add

This option displays a menu allowing you to quickly add new content or issues to any tab within InstantKB.

2. Contacts

This areas lets you quickly add, manage or find contacts. If phone support is enabled you can also call contacts here.

3. Overview

This option presents a menu showing an overview of each tab within your InstantKB installation. You can see key metrics for each tab allowing you to quickly check the state of content or issues within any tab.

4. Global Search

Here you can quickly search by keywords globally across all your content & issues. Results are returned in real-time below the search text box as you type.

You can enter an article or ticket ID within the search to quickly find that item. This can be helpful if a customer calls and quotes a case or ticket ID.

5. Home & Agent CP

These links allow you to quickly jump between the InstantKB front-end (what regular end users see) and if allowed the Agent Control Panel. Even though you may be an administrator If you don't belong to a support agent role you won't see the Agent CP link and won't be able to access the Agent CP directly.

6. Your Profile

Here you can manage your own InstantKB profile and edit some basic personal settings such as time zone. You can also create your signature here (like an email signature) that will appear below all replies you post to inbound issues.

3. Tab Options

The Tab Options panel offers various additional links to help administrators further manage the specifics of each tab within InstantKB. Within the Tab Options panel you will see a list of all your InstantKB tabs. You can click any tab to show further options for that tab. The screen grab below shows an installation of InstantKB with several custom tabs all shown within the Tab Options panel. We can click any tab to see further settings for that tab as shown below...

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