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Profile Photos within InstantForum

Managing Your Profile

You want to stand out amongst your peers right? InstantForum makes it super easy to upload a personal profile photo that will be shown within your public profile and alongside all your community posts.

Uploading A Photo

To upload your own public profile photo simply click the place holder image within the user menu to display the Edit Profile Photo dialog. This is shown below...

Choosing & Uploading a Photo

From the Edit Profile Photo dialog you can choose to use an existing image from the list of available default images within the gallery or upload your own photo from your computer or mobile device.

When uploading your own profile photos from your computer or mobile device the default allowed image types are .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg & .png. When uploading your own photo you'll also see guidance on the maximum allowed file size for your upload.

If your an administrator for your IstantForum community you can customize the default profile photos available for users to choose from. Simply add your images within the Images/MemberPhotos folder within the root of your InstantForum web application.

We hope this information helps you build a great profile within your InstantForum community.

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