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InstantForum Licensing

With InstantForum & InstantKB we offer both on-premise and cloud licenses. This article explains the differences between these two options and lists some of the pro's and con's you may wish condenser when choosing which license is right for you.

Hosting On Premise

Our on-premise licensing allowing you to install InstantForum on your own servers or within your own hosting environment - for example a shared host or within a cloud environment. If you manage your own IT infrastructure this option gives you total control over your installation and only requires a one time license fee as there are no monthly costs incurred by InstantASP.

Hosting within the InstantASP Cloud

We also offer InstantForum  & InstantKB as a Software As A Service (SaaS) model. This means InstantASP will install, host and maintain your installation in exchange for a monthly fee to cover our hosting costs.All InstantASP cloud customers are installed within our highly redundant, highly scaleable Windows Azure hosting environment.

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