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InstanntForum Installation Guide

Installing InstantForum

If your looking to install InstantForum on your own servers, within a shared hosting environment or within a cloud platform we would first suggest ensuring your installation environment meets the minimum requirements to host and run InstantForum.

InstantForum is a ASP.NET 4.0 web application and requires a standard Windows Server based operating system with IIS7 or above for the web server. For the database / data store InstantForum targets Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2012 or 2014. No additional 3rd party dependence or software is required to be installed on either the web or database servers for InstantForum to run.

On Premise Installation

For a typical installation scenario we would suggest a minimum of 2 physical hosts or servers for your InstantForum installation. This is to separate the responsibilities of the web server from the database server for performance & disaster recovery reasons. If this is not a primary concern a single physical server hosting both IIS and SQL Server may be sufficient for your needs.

To download InstantForum and get started with your on-premise installation please follow the instructions within our our on-premise installation guide linked below...

Installation Guide

InstantForum can also be installed in load balanced environments.

Shared Hosting Installation

If your installing InstantForum into a shared hosting environment you should follow the installation guide linked above. Within a shared hosting environment you won't have physical access or remote desktop access to your web or database server so configuring the InstantForum folder as a web application within IIS would typically be achieved via a web based control panel provided by your hosting provider.

You can typically use a local installation of Microsoft SQL Server to connect to your shared database remotely and run the InstantForum database installation script against a new or existing database.

Windows Azure VM / Amazon EC2 Instance Installation

InstantForum can be installed into any supported Windows Azure Virtual Machine or Amazon EC2 Virtual Server. We would suggest Windows Server 2012 or above for the web and database VM's with SQL Server 2012 or 2014 installed on the database VM.

Windows Azure Web App / SQL Azure Installation

InstantForum can be installed into a Windows Azure Web App. If your looking to install the InstantForum database into a SQL Azure database you will need to remove the indexes defined at the very bottom of the database installation script. For further information please see the SQL Azure notes at the very top of the database installation script.

If your hosting within Windows Azure you may also wish to ensure user uploads are stored within Windows Azure BLOB storage. For further information please see Using Windows Azure Blob Storage Within InstantForum.

Installing InstantForum for local development within Visual Studio

If you wish to modify the InstantForum source code or make visual changes you can simply open the Visual Studio solution file provided within the InstantForum download. InstantForum uses the IIS Express web server built-in to Visual Studio to help you develop quickly without deploying to a full blown IIS instance. You will of course still need to configure a development database and update the InstantForum database connection string.

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