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How to check if a user account will be flagged as SPAM

Moderating Users

If you enable the integration within InstantForum new or existing user accounts within InstantForum may be flagged as SPAM if the user's email address, username or IP address appears within the database of known spammers.

This article describes how to identify if a user within InstantForum will be identified as SPAM when you enable the integration.

NOTE: If you enable integration on an already established community only new user registrations and posts after you enable the integration will be checked against the database. This will not effect any existing live posts or user accounts within your InstantForum database.

Accessing the User Moderation Dialog

To identify if posts from a user will be treated as SPAM after you enable the integration you will need to access the user moderation options. The user moderation options dialog is accessible from various areas within InstantForum as detailed below.

Before you can access the user moderation options you will need to be logged into InstantForum with an account that belongs to the Moderator member group. As a moderator you can access the user moderation options from the following areas...

Viewing a Topic

As a moderator when viewing topics within forums you've been assigned to moderate you will see an additional "User Moderation" option alongside each post. This is typically indicated by a wrench or user icon as shown below...

User Profiles

As an administrator within InstantForum when viewing user profiles via the front end you'll see the same User Moderation links...

Edit Profile

As an administrator within the Administrator Control Panel > Manage Members page you can edit each users profile. When editing profiles via the Administrator Control Panel access to the same User Moderation options are provided when editing a users profile as shown below...

The User Moderation Dialog

Each of the links above provide access to the same central "User Moderation" dialog that provides both administrators and forum moderators a set of tools to help moderate user accounts within your community.

If a user account is OK and the users email address, username and IP address appears fewer times than the threshold you can optionally customize from the Admin CP > Forum Settings page new posts from the user will not be treated as SPAM. An example of a good user account is shown below...

You can see below an example of a user account which will be treated as a SPAM account whenever the user attempts to post. The reason this account will be treated as SPAM is indicated within the User Moderation dialog as shown below...

False Positives

Whilst the integration is very helpful for catching email addresses and IP addresses of known spammers we often see false positives based on the users username.

For example a perfectly genuine user may sign up within your community with the username "Bob". As this is a very generic username and is likely to have been used by spammers previously Bob may be identified as a known spammer simply due to his username.

To help eliminate false positives you can increase the thresholds for the number of times the username, email address or IP address must appear within the database before it's treated as SPAM within InstantForum. You can tweak these thresholds via the the InstantForum Admin CP > Forum Settings page.

You can also skip the StopForumSpam checks once a user reaches a certain reputation level within your community. Again you can configure this reputation level a user must reach to skip checks via the Admin CP > Forum Settings page. ​

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