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Assigning Tickets To Support Agents


This article describes the various ways you can assign tickets to support agents within InstantKB.

Manually Assign a Ticket

You can manually assign a ticket to any support agent when editing the ticket. First you'll need to click the Edit button alongside the ticket as shown below...

This will display a dialog that allows you to edit the various fields associated with the ticket. You'll see an Assigned To drop down list that displays all the of the users in your system that beong to the InstantKB support agent role. This sis shown below...

Assign A Ticket Through Automated Rules

You can choose to automatically assign tickets to specific support agents based on various conditions for the ticket. For example if a ticket is directed towards a specific department or the ticket author belongs to a specific contact list you may wish to automatically assign the ticket to a specific support agent.

Assign A Ticket Using Work Flows

When a ticket is placed into a particular work flow step you can also choose to have the ticket assigned to a specific support agent. You will need to set a change action for the work flow step to update the Assigned To field. You will first need to identify the work flow step you wish to use to assign the ticket to a specific support agent. You will need to edit that work flow step and update the change actions as shown below...

Notifying Assigned Agents

Manually Assigned Tickets

If you manually assign tickets to support agents the only way for the assigned support agent to be informed is for them to set-up an alert within the InstantKB Agent CP to inform them of tickets assigned to them.

Tickets Assigned Via Inbound Rules

If you automatically assign tickets via an inbound rule you can also trigger an email within this same rule to inform the assigned agent. You will need to click the Trigger Email check box at the bottom of the rule you create and ensure the Email Address field is set to [AssignedEmail]. This will trigger an email notification to the assigned agent when the rule conditions are met.

Tickets Assigned Via a Work Flow Step

To notify the assigned support agent when tickets are either moved manually or automatically through an inbound rule into a work flow step you will need to set-up a notification within the work flow step. You'll need to click the notifications tab when editing the work flow step and move the [Assigned To] option to the right as shown below...

You'll notice you can further customize the email message or notify other support agents or even the end user when tickets are moved into this work flow step.

That's It!

I hope this brief article helps you understand how to assign and notify assigned support agents within InstantKB. As always if we can assist further don't hseitate to open a support ticket or contact us.

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