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Adding Custom Fields To Support Tickets

Custom Fields

This article describes how to add custom fields to the default Submit Ticket page available to end users via your InstantKB support site. Custom fields can be helpful to capture unique data that may help your support agents more efficiently deal inbound tickets. Values captured for custom fields can also be displayed to support agents via the Agent Control Panel when viewing the users ticket. This is detailed further below.

Adding A Custom Field

In this example we'll add a drop down list field called "Nature of your problem". This will provide various options users can select from when submitting support tickets via the web interface.We'll then display this selection to support agents within the Agent CP to help them deal with the ticket.

Let's get started...

1. Visit the InstantKB Admin CP, Hover over Fields on the left and select Add Field. When adding a field you can choose the tab to add the field to and the field type. In this case we'll select our Submit Ticket tab and choose a "Select" input element for our field type as shown below...

2. On the next page you can further customize the field based on the field type you select. As we've selected a "Select" or drop down list input type we can provide the various values for the drop down list. This is shown below. The options you see will vary depending on the field type...

Once you've further customized the field ensure you scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click the "Save Custom Field" button.

Congratulations we've now added your custom field. You can edit the custom field anytime to further customize the field values or behavior.

How this Looks

After you've added your custom field to a default / out the box form within InstantKB the custom field will immediately be visible within the corresponding form within the tab.

IMPORTANT: If you add a custom field to a custom form the field won't immediately be visible within the custom form. You will need to visit the Admin CP > Manage Forms page and edit the form you wish to include the field within. At the very bottom of the Edit Form page locate the "add custom field" drop down list and select your field from the list.

As we've added the field in this example to the "Submit Ticket" tab the field will be displayed at the very bottom of your Submit Ticket form visible to end users as shown below...

Customize Our New Field

You may wish to rearrange your custom field and move this towards the top of your Submit Ticket form. To customize how the field behaves within the form visit the Admin CP > Manage Forms page. Click the "Submit Ticket" form and you'll see the field at the very bottom of the form. You can use the various otions to rearrange the field, set a default value for the field or make the field required. This is shown below...

You can use the arrows to move the field up or down within the form. For example you could move this just below the "Subject" field which would display like so...

Displaying Custom Fields

When support agents view tickets via the Agent Control Panel various details related to the ticket are displayed above the ticket. This area is highlighted below...

You can also choose to display custom fields added to tickets in this area. The visible fields shown in the ticket details area highlighted above are controlled via member permission sets.To display our Nature of Problem field in this area we'll need to follow the steps below....

1. Visit your InstantKB Admin CP > Hover over Users on the left. Click "User Permissions".
2. Click the "Edit Permissions" button to the right of your Support Agent permission set. You can customize the visible fields for any permission set so for example you could display different more limited fields to regular end users.
3. Select Submit Ticket tab from the drop down list. This is shown below...

When editing the support agents member permissions set for your tickets tab you can customize the various fields that are displayed within the ticket details area. These options are shown below with a more detailed description...

Let's add our "Nature of your problem" field and display this just below the existing TicketID field shown within the ticket details area. To do this we'll need to move the "Nature of your problem" field from the left to the right by selecting the field on the left and using the add button to add the field on the right. Once the field has been added on the right you can use the Move Up or Move Down buttons to re-arrange the order in which your custom field is displayed. This is shown below...

Once you've saved the permission set when support agents view tickets they will now see the "Nature of your problem" field including the value selected by the user. This is shown below...

That's It!

We hope this article has helped you achieve your goals. If we can assist further with any quesitons as always please never hesitate to contact us or open a support ticket.

Optionally provide private feedback to help us improve this article...

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