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Edit or Delete Topics & Replies

Posting Topics & Replies

Once you've posted a new topic or reply within InstantForum you may notice you've made a mistake or you may simply wish to update your topic or reply. By default within InstantForum you can edit any topic or post you create.

Edit or Delete A Topic

To edit a topic you've posted you'll first need to visit the topic. When viewing your topic you'll see 2 icons to the right of your topic that allow you to edit or delete your topic. These are shown below...

Clicking the Pencil icon will allow you to edit the subject and message for your topic. Clicking the trash can icon will ask you to confirm if you wish to delete the topic.

NOTE: When deleting a topic you've posted if that topic already has replies those replies will also be deleted when you delete the topic.

Edit or Delete A Reply

Similar to editing a topic you've posted you can edit a reply you've posted by locating the reply and using the pencil and trash can icons to edit or delete your reply.

Moderation For Edited Posts

InstantForum administrators may configure InstantForum to require that edited posts are moderated again. If this is enabled this may mean when you edit your post your post will be automatically queued or hidden until a forum moderator approves your changes.

The following screen grab shows the various UI elements you should see when viewing a topic as a moderator...

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