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You can start a new conversation within InstantForum in a few ways. This article details the various ways you can start new topics within InstantForum. Please remember some of these options may not be available depending on the permissions you have within the community you are posting to. For example if you don't have permission to post within closed forums you won't see a Post Topic button within that forum.

Starting A New Topic From The Homepage

On the InstantForum homepage you'll find a "Start New Topic" button as shown below...

Use this button to post a new topic within InstantForum. Once you click the "Start New Topic" button you'll be presented with a list of available forums you can post within. You will need to select an appropriate forum for your topic to continue as shown below...

If you are already logged into InstantForum you'll be taken to a new page that allows you to post your topic by providing a subject and message body. If you are not already logged into InstantForum depending on how the administrator has configured InstantForum you may need to create an account within InstantForum.

Starting A New Topic Within A Forum

When viewing any forum within InstantForum if you have permission you'll see a "Post Topic" button above and below the list of existing topics within that forum. This button allows you to start a new topic within the forum you are currently viewing. You can see this below...

Posting A Topic

Once you've chosen the appropriate forum for your conversation and reached the post new topic page there are only 2 required fields you'll need to provide to post a new topic.


You'll be required to provide a subject for your conversation. This will be shown in the list of topics within a forum and on the latest posts page. The subject line for your topic has a maximum length of 255 characters. Please keep your subjects short but as descriptive as possible


This is where you post the body of your message. For example this may be a question you are posting or just an image or some news you want to share.

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