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Managing Scheduled Tasks

Scheduled Tasks

Scheduled tasks allow you to define custom scripts that can be run at scheduled intervals. Scheduled task can be used for many purposes. For example you could create tasks that prune or automatically move old data or you could use a task to send an automated weekly newsletter. Tasks are polled every couple of minutes in the background and will not effect the performance of your board. You can edit how often tasks are periodically polled by modifying the InstantASP_TaskInterval application setting within the web.config file.

To manage scheduled tasks go to, Scheduled Tasks » Manage Tasks page..From here you can create new tasks, edit existing tasks, delete tasks or import & export task information.

Creating a Scheduled Task

To create a new scheduled task go to, Scheduled Tasks » Add New Task, this will present a screen similar to below...

The options available when creating a scheduled task are detailed towards the bottom of this page.

Editing a Scheduled Task

To edit an existing scheduled task go to, Scheduled Tasks » Manage Tasks and use the Edit Task button aligned right of each task to edit that task. The options available when editing a scheduled task are detailed towards the bottom of this page.

Deleting a Scheduled Task

To delete existing scheduled tasks go to, Scheduled Tasks » Manage Tasks and tick each check box aligned to the right of each task you wish to delete. Once you've checked all tasks to delete click the Delete Selected button.

Creating & Editing Scheduled Tasks

The options below are available when creating or editing a scheduled task.

  • Task Name
    Provide a name to help identity the task.

  • Task Description
    Describe the purpose of the task to help identify the task later.

  • Task Filename
    Enter the task filename. Task files should be uploaded to [ROOT]\Uploads\Tasks\. For example MyNewTask.aspx, MyNewTask.asp or MyNewTask.php are valid. Simply enter the filename for the task as it appears within the tasks directory. For more information on task files please refer to the Scheduled Task Files section of this guide.

  • Task Enabled
    If unticked this task will NOT run when tasks are polled.

  • Task Interval
    Specify how often the task should run.

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