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The Email & RSS Settings page provides all the options necessary to manage outgoing email messages and RSS feeds. From here you can configure various SMTP Server details, specify how many emails are sent per batch, configure RSS encoding and more.

To access the email & RSS settings page go to, Manage Settings » Email & RSS Settings, this is shown below...

An overview of each configuration option available on this page is provided below.

  • Enable Email's
    If 'No' email's will not be sent from the forum. They will still be queued within the database and will be sent when enabled.

  • Send email's in which format
    Specify if mail should be sent as PlainText or in HTML format.

  • SMTP Server Address
    Enter the address of the SMTP Server for sending application generated email's. For example or localhost.

  • SMTP Server Username
    If your mail server requires authentication enter your username here. Leave blank if your mail does not require authentication.

  • SMTP Server Password
    If your mail server requires authentication enter your password here. Leave blank if your mail does not require authentication.

  • SMTP Server Port
    Specify the SMTP port for mail server. This is typically port 25.

  • Maximum email's per cycle
    Specify the maximum number of e-mail's that will be sent each time the queue is polled. E-mail's are currently polled every 60 seconds. This interval can be changed within the web.config file. We suggest a setting of around 30-60 e-mail's per minute to minimize server load.

  • RSS Encoding
    Specify the character encoding to use for your RSS Feeds. This is typically UTF-8 or ISO-8859-1 for English character sets.

  • Cache RSS feeds for
    Specify how long RSS feeds should be cached. This will send back a HTTP status 304 ("not modified" status) to the client when the feed is requested during the cache period.

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