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Forums Settings allow you to configure optional settings to customize the behavior of the forum. From here you can enable full-text search, enable Captcha verification, configure the default forum skin and more.

To access the forum settings page go to, Manage Settings » Forum Settings, this is shown below...

An overview of each configuration option available on this page is provided below.

  • Use forum names as page title
    If 'Yes' the forum name will be used as the page title for forums. Useful for search engine indexing.

  • Default Skin
    Select the default skin to use for all forums. You can optionally override this on a per forum basis.

  • Default Wrapper
    Select the default HTML wrapper to use for all forums. You can optionally override this on a per forum basis.

  • Use topic subjects as page title
    If 'Yes' the topic subject will be used as the page title within topics. Useful for search engine indexing.

  • Maximum Member Level Blocks
    Specify the maximum number of rank blocks for member levels. These are the ghosted knocked back block graphics that appear next to each post. You can define the actual member levels from the Manage Member Levels page.

  • Make topics hot after
    Specify the reply threshold topics must meet in order to be flagged as hot within the forums.

  • Date Of Birth Year Range
    Specify how many previous years should be displayed within the date of birth selection.

  • Refresh Last Login Date
    Specify how often in minutes the last login date should be updated for members within the forum. We would suggest the default of around 20 minutes however if your typical visitor session lasts longer than this you can increase this value.

  • Enable Captcha Verification
    Helps prevent automated form submissions. If enabled users will have to enter a code presented within an image when completing important forms.

  • Search Method
    If you select a full-text search type please ensure you've read the instructions within the SQL Server full-text search section within this guide.

  • Display Search Results
    Specify the default results mode for searches performed within the forum, you can choose to display search results as topics or posts.

  • Unread Message Prompt Interval
    Specify how often in minutes members should be reminded they have unread private messages. The prompt is only available if members have this enabled and they have unread messages.

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