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Getting Started with the InstantForum Admin CP

Getting Started

After you've installed InstantForum and are able to access the administrator control panel you will need to configure a few key application settings to customize InstantForum.

Forum Name & Email Address

After you've installed InstantForum you will want to customize the Forum Name and Forum Email Address fields available on the Admin CP > Manage Settings > General Settings page as shown below...

Forum Name

The forum name should be changed to reflect the name of your community. The forum name is displayed within the page title of each forum page and is also shown in any emails sent from the forum.

Forum Email Address

The forum email address is used as the sender of all emails generated by InstantForum. For example if a user subscribes to a forum via email or requests a password reset link the email sent to the user will appear to come from the email address you defined within the Forum Email Address field.

Configuring Outbound Email

After you've installed InstantForum it's important you configure the SMTP Server details used by InstantForum to send application generated emails. You can edit your SMTP server settings from the Admin CP > Manage Settings > Email Settings page.

For further information please see Configuring Outbound InstantForum Emails.

Time Zone

To ensure dates & times appear correctly for your users you should set the default time zone for your forum from the Admin CP > Manage Settings > Forum Settings page as shown below...

The time zone used here should match the time zone of your web server not your local time zone. For example if you are based in the UK but installing your installation on servers hosted in Central America (CST) you would set the time zone here to (GMT -6:00) Central Time not (GMT) Western European.

Updating the Default Admin Account

If you've not already done so it's important to update the default administrator credentials for your InstantForum installation For further instructions please see Changing the default administrator account .

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