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Skins & Wrappers

Skins are the key to customizing the visual appearance and styling for your community. You will want to create a new skin if you have an existing design you're looking to integrate into the forum. You should have at least a working knowledge of HTML and CSS before attempting to customize skins.

To create new skins, edit existing skins, manage skin emoticons / message icons or delete skins go to, Skins & Wrappers » Manage Skins.

Creating a Skin

To create a new skin within the admin area simply enter the name for your new skin and specify which existing skin should be used as a basis for the new skin.

Here we will be creating a new skin called "My New Skin" based on the existing "Classic" skin. The skin directory you choose to use as a basis for the new skin will be duplicated within the skins directory using the name you provide for the new skin.

Editing Skin Files

You can edit existing skins using the drop down list options to the right of each skin as shown below...

The quickest way to customize a new skin is to modify the Style\Style.css file within the skin directory. You can modify this file either within the administration area or by modifying a local version and uploading your changes. To edit the Style\Style.css file within the admin area use the Edit Skin Style Sheets option within the drop down list aligned right of the skin you wish to modify, this is highlighted above.

This will display 2 available style sheets as shown below, you should only need to edit the Style\Style.css file for now. This file defines all the colors, fonts, and background images for your forum skin. If when modifying Style\Style.css, you are not sure which CSS class to change you should view the forum HTML source from your browser to find the class name for the item you wish to customize.

Once you've tweaked the style sheet you may wish to further adjust the layout of your skin. You can edit user controls within skins independently. This allows you to create totally unique layouts between skins if required. To edit the various skin controls you should use the Edit Skin Controls option within the drop down list aligned right of the skin you wish to customize.

We would only suggest you edit the skin controls if you're familiar with ASP.NET and comfortable modifying code. When editing the skin controls you should NOT remove any existing tags with the Runat="Server" attribute. We would suggest always making a backup of any skin control before applying any changes to enable you to easily revert if your changes cause any exceptions within the forum.

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