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InstantForum let's you create either moderated or unmoderated forums. These are explained further below.

Moderated Forums

A moderated forum within InstantForum can be configured to ensure all new topics & replies to that forum require manual approval by a forum moderator. This can be helpful if you wish to review posts before they are made public to your community members.

Configuring A Moderated Forum

1. Visit the InstantForum Admin CP & Click Manage Forums.
2. When adding or editing an existing forum locate the "Moderate Posts?" option and choose the type of moderation you would like to use for that forum. You can see the options below...

To learn more about adding & editing forums please see Creating & Editing Forums.

You may also wish to enable optional email notifications for your moderators to ensure they are informed via email whenever a new posts requires approval. For further information on this please see Enable Post Approval Emails For Forum Moderators.

Unmoderated Forums

A unmoderated forum within InstantForum means all new topics & replies to that forum will go live immediately and won't require any moderator approval.To create an unmoderated forum simply ensure the "Moderate Posts" option is set to "None" for your forum.

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