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As a moderator within InstantForum you will have access to additional options when viewing a forum or a topic within a forum you've been assigned to moderate. These options help you hide or show posts, move entire topics to other forums, pin or close topics or edit & delete other members posts,

If you've been assigned as a moderator for a specific forum within InstantForum you'll see a series of check-boxes to the right of each topic when viewing a forum or a check box to the bottom left of each post when reading a topic within a forum you've been assigned to moderate. These check boxes allow you to select multiple topics within a forum or multiple posts within a topic and apply a single action to all selected topics or posts.

When viewing a forum you've been assigned to moderate you'll notice additional check-boxes next to each topic within the forum. This is shown below...

The options shown in the highlighted drop down list may vary depending on the permissions granted to you as a moderator by the InstantForum administrator.

NOTE: To see these moderation options your account must belong to the moderator member group. You must of also been assigned as a moderator to the forum. If you've not been assigned to the forum as a moderator or you don't have any permissions as a moderator within this forum some options may not be available. 

Adding a User As a Moderator

To assign a specific user as a moderator to a specific forum you'll need to visit the InstantForum Admin CP. Click the Manage Moderators option on the left. You will see a list of all users who have already been added as a moderator to one or more forums. You can click a username to see the forums that moderator has been assigned to moderate. 

To add a user as a moderator for a forum from the Manage Moderators page simply click Add Moderator. Type in the username for the user account you wish to add as a moderator to the forum. You'll be presented with a list of suggested usernames to ensure this is typed correctly. Next you will need to select one or more forums for the moderator and give the moderator specific permissions within the selected forums. 

For further information please see Creating & Editing Forum Moderators.

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