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Allowing Moderators To Delete Topics

Moderating Conversations

To delete topics within a forum within InstantForum you first need to be a moderator for the forum that contains the topics you wish to delete.

Ensure Your A Moderator

To achieve this please follow the steps below...

  1. Login as an administrator. Visit the Admin CP
  2. Click Manage Moderators on the left. This will show the Manage Moderators page. Click the Add Moderator link in the top right.
  3. Within the Name field enter your current username. This will auto complete as you start typing your forum username.
  4. Select all Forums in the "Forums To Moderate" drop down multiple select list, this will ensure you can moderate all forums. Select "Yes" to all moderation options or if you wish to allow the user to only delete topics ensure only the "Delete Topics" option is set to "Yes" or enabled. Once you've configured the moderation options save the moderator.

You can see an example of this below...

Once you've made your account a moderator for the forum you'll need to visit the forum via the front-end. You'll now see additional check boxes alongside each topic within the forum that allows you to delete the topic & all replies as shown below...

That's It!

You can now delete topics within any forum you've been assigned to moderate. If we can assist further please don't hesitate to open a support ticket.

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