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Control Access to Spaces within the Agent CP


There are a couple of ways to control access to spaces & content for support agents within the InstantKB Agent Control Panel. This can be helpful if you wish to ensure only certain staff members or agents can add or edit content within specific spaces or categories within your knowledge base.

Using Member Groups

You can use the built in role based security within InstantKB to control which spaces are available to staff members within the InstantKB Agent CP.  This would allow you for example to hide a specific tab or category you don't want particular agents having access to.

For example lets say we have 1 space called "Knowledgebase" and this space has 3 categories "Accounts", "Tax" & "Audit". We want to ensure only staff members within our accounting team can add and edit content within the "Accounts" category, staff members within our tax team can only add and edit content within the "Tax" category & staff members within our Audit team can only add and edit content within the "Audit" category.

To achieve this we would need to configure a few things...

  1. Login using an administrator count and visit the Admin CP
  2. Create 3 new member groups called "Accounts", "Tax" & "Audit". Ensure each of these member groups is marked as a Agent Member Group to ensure users within these groups have access to the Agent Control Panel.
  3. Associate the "Knowledgebase" tab within the 3 new member groups and any other additional member groups
  4. Visit the Agent CP and click your "Knowledgebase" tab. Click Manage Categories
  5. Right click the "Accounts" category and click "Edit Detailed"
  6. Ensure the Accounts category is only associated with the "Accounts" member group created earlier. Edit your Tax category and ensure this is only associated with the Tax member group. Edit the Audit category and again ensure it's only associated with the "Audit" member group.

This will ensure the "Knowledgebase" tab is visible to all 3 custom staff member groups we created above however each category within this tab will only be visible and accessible users who also belong to one or more of the same member groups associated with the category.

For example to ensure agents within your accounting team can view and edit content within the accounts category. but can't see or edit content within the tax or audit categories you will need to visit the Admin CP > Members page. Identify a user within your accounting team who has previously registered within InstantKB and edit this users profile. Locate the Member Groups section and ensure this users is only associated with the custom Accounts agent user group we created above.

NOTE: Role based security will only be applied for agent / staff members and regular users. If the account you are logged in with is associated with an administrator member group within InstantKB no role based security will be applied meaning you will see all content regardless of member group associations,. To test your permission changes please ensure you are only logged in as a regular agent.

This is the easiest approach to control access to tabs and categories for agents however this approach does mean that the role based security will also be applied on the front-end. If you hide a specific tab or category for agents within the Agent CP using user groups this tab or category will also be hidden to those agents within the front-end support portal. If you wish to still allow read access to content via the front-end support portal but control which content specific agents can edit we would suggest using the agent departments & agent permissions approach described below.

Using Agent Departments & Agent Permissions

You can control who can view & edit content within categories using member groups however as you want all categories to be visible to all users on the front end this would also allow any agents to edit the articles within the categories. Member groups are applied both within the Agent CP and on the front-end if your not a member of an administrator member group.

You can do what your looking to achieve within InstantKB however it would require you create a "Tab" rather than a Category for each separate area you wish to control who can add & edit content.

For example you could create 3 new tabs called Tax, Accounts & Audit.Next create 3 agent permission sets again called Accounts, Tax & Audit. We'll edit these staff permissions later to control what each department can access within the Agent CP.

Next create 3 new agent departments again called Accounts, Tax & Audit and link these to the relevant agent permission set we created above.

Next edit each agent permission set to ensure they can only add & edit content within the tabs they are allowed.

To do this on the Agent Permissions page within the Admin CP you'll see the "Accounts" agent permission set you created earlier. Click the green "Edit Permissions" button to the right and this will show a drop down menu containing all the tabs within InstantKB. You'll see the 3 custom tabs created for this purchase. Click the Tax tab in the drop down menu and ensure the "Can view & access Tax tab" option (the very top option) is set to No. Go back to the Agent Permissions page and make the same change for your Audit tab. This will hide both the Tax & Audit tabs within the Agent CP completely from users who have a primary agent department of Accounts.

Next ensure agents who you want to allow access to the Accounts tab within the Agent CP have a primary agent department of Accounts,. You can do this by editing the users profile within the Admin CP.

NOTE: You will only be able to associate a user to a agent department if they belong to a agent user group. If the user you are editing does not belong to a agent user group (i.e. they can't access the Agent CP) you can't associate a agent department with the user.This allows you to still make all the content visible to everyone via the front-end but ensure only specific agent departments can see, add or edit content within specific tabs within the Agent CP. Accounts would only be able to see the accounts tab within the Agent CP but on the front-end they would see the Accounts, Tax & Audit tabs and be able to read and access the content within these tabs.

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