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Introduction to InstantKB Agent Permissions

Agent Permissions

Agent Permission Sets within InstantKB provide granular control over the authoring & editing features available to support agent s within the InstantKB Agent Control Panel.

Agent permission sets should not be confused with User Permission sets. User permission sets control the features available on the front-end support portal whilst Agent Permission sets control the features available to support agents within the agent control panel.

How Are Agent Permissions Applied To Support Agents

Each agent permission set within InstantKB is associated with a single InstantKB agent department. You can control which agent permission set is associated with which agent department from the Admin CP > Agents > Departments page.

The agent permission set is then applied to support agents depending on the support agents primary agent department. You can also override this for individual support agents by setting the agent permission set manually from the Admin CP > Agents > Edit Agent page.

What can be controlled via agent permission sets

Each agent permission set within InstantKB has a "General" set of options that control global features available to support agents within the agent control panel. Each agent permission set also has a dedicated set of permissions for each tab that exists within your InstantKB installation.

You can use agent permission sets to control which tabs are visible to support agents within the InstantKB agent control panel.

For examples let's say we have two teams. A sales & support team. Our sales team uses InstantKB to store private sales materials that can be distributed to customers upon request. Our support team uses InstantKB to create & maintain public facing support articles & product documentation.In this scenario we don't want our sales team adding or editing support content and we don't want our support team adding or editing sales content.

To achieve this requirement we would first need to create two new custom "Knowledgebase" tabs.If your not familiar with creating custom tabs or the concept of tabs within InstantKB please see our "Custom Tabs Overview".

To keep this example simple we'll call our new tabs "Sales" & "Support". These tabs will contain the categories that will help us organize the content for each team within a dedicated tab.

Now to control access to these tabs within the Agent CP we will need to first create two new agent permission sets with the same names. Visit the Admin CP, click "Agents"  on the left and click "Permissions". Click the "Add Permission Set" button and enter the name "Sales". Save this agent permission set. Click Add Permission Set again and enter the name "Support" and save this agent permission set.

Next we'll need to create two new agent departments again with the same names. From within the Admin CP, click Agents on the left, click Departments. Click Add Department. Enter the name "Sales" and select the "Sales" agent permission set we created above. Save this department. Click Add Department again and enter the name "Support" and select the "Support" agent permission set we created earlier.

We have now linked the Sales & Support agent permission sets with specific agent departments. Now when we place a support agent into the "Primary Department" of "Sales" the "Sales" agent permission set will be applied for that support agent. Similar when we place support agents into the "Primary Department" of "Support" the "Support" agent permission set will be applied to those support agents.

The next step is to edit both the "Sales" & "Support" agent permission sets to ensure the "Sales" agent permission set does not have access  to the "Support" tab and the "Support" agent permission set does not have access to the "Sales" tab. To do this visit the Admin CP, click Agents on the left and click Permissions.

You'll see the "Sales" & "Support" agent permission set we created previously. Click the "Edit Permissions" button to the right of each permission set to expand a menu which will show a "General" link and all the tabs you have within InstantKB. For your "Sales" Agent Permission Set click the "Support" tab from the drop down menu. Then set the "Enable Support Tab" option to "No. This will hide the "Support" tab within the Agent CP for users who have the "Sales" Agent Permission Set (i.e. those users with the primary staff department of Sales).

Repeat this process for your Support staff. Click the Edit Permissions button to the right of your Support Permission Set on the Staff Permissions page and click the "Sales" tab from the drop down menu that appears. Ensure the "Enable Sales Tab" option is set to "No" for your Support Agent Permission Set. Now any user who have the "Support" Staff Department as there Primary Staff Department will never see the "Sales" tab within the Staff Control Panel.

The Default Agent Permission Set

By default InstantKB is provided with a single agent permission set that allows access to all features within the Agent CP. This default Agent Permission Set is associated with our single default Staff Department. If you wanted to restrict access to certain staff tabs or staff features you would need to create your own Agent Permission Sets and associate these with specific staff departments. You can then give users those permissions by setting the support agents primary department to the relevant department.

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