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Submitting Tickets Via InstantKB

Within InstantKB customers can open new support tickets by visiting your InstantKB support site and clicking the "Submit Ticket" within the main navigation. 

If you are not logged into InstantKB and the administrator has disabled the ability for anonymous users to submit new tickets you will be redirected to the InstantKB login page with the option to create a new account if it's your first visit. 

If the InstantKB administrator has configured the anonymous member permission set to allow anonymous users to submit new tickets the user will be presented with the submit ticket form with additional required fields to capture the users full name and email address. 

Live Suggest

As customers compose new questions or support tickets via the InstantKB web interface InstantKB will search your existing articles and suggest solutions from your knowledgebase based on the keywords within your customers ticket. 

To achieve this we first remove all duplicate & common keywords from the customers message. We then pass these terms to our natural language search to return articles containing these terms ranked in order of relevancy.  The relevancy is calculated based on the number of times a particular term appears or the proximity of multiple terms. 

Custom Fields

It's possible to add your own unique custom fields to the form presented to users when they submit a new support ticket. To add custom fields you'll need to visit the Admin CP > Manage Forms > Submit Ticket > Add Custom Field. 

You can display captured custom fields alongside tickets within the Staff CP so your agents have all the information they need to deal with the inquiry.

To add custom fields to the ticket view you'll need to visit the Admin CP > Users > Member Permissions. Click the Edit Permissions button to the right of the relevant permission set and select your tickets tab from the drop down menu. 

From the permission set page for your ticket tab locate the Ticket Meta Data section and add any custom fields you wish to display alongside tickets...

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