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Adding Google Analytics to InstantForum or InstantKB

Common Questios

We often get asked is it possible to add Google Analytic's to either InstantForum or InstantKB. This is very easy with either InstantForum or InstantKB but it will require you edit a single file by hand.

First navigate to your Google Analytic's account and copy the JavaScript code Google provides into your computer's clipboard.

Next you will need to navigate to your InstantForum or InstantKB installation so you are able to view and modify files.

Editing the MasterPage.Master

You will need to add the Google Analytic's code into the "MasterPage.Master" file within the default skin you use for your installation. By default this is the "Classic" skin for both InstantForum & InstantKB. All skins can be found within the "Skins" folder in the root of both products. Once you are viewing the files simply navigate to...


If you are using a custom skin other than our "Classic" skin you will need to add the Google Analytic's JavaScript code into the MasterPage.Master file within the root of your custom skin folder.

You can open the MasterPage.master file in NotePad or similar plain text editor.

Once opened simply paste your Google JavaScript code into the very bottom of the master page just above the end </html> tag. For example...


<!-- insert your Google code here -->


Save your master page and upload to your installation.

That's It!

If you require any assistance adding Google Analytics to our products of course please don't hesitate to open a new support ticket or contact us.

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