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Configuring Outbound InstantForum Emails

Getting Started

In order to ensure application generated email's are sent correctly you will need to specify the SMTP server used to send email's generated by InstantForum via the InstantForum Admin Control Panel.

  1. Login using your InstantForum administrator account.
  2. Once logged in from the top right, click the Admin CP Link
  3. Expand the "Settings" panel on the left within the Admin CP
  4. Click "Email Settings" or "Outbound Email"
  5. Within the SMTP Server area enter the hostname for your SMTP Server.

If you use SMTP authentication you can also specify the username and password for your SMTP server within the SMTP Username and SMTP Password fields.

You can see these settings below...


If you require SSL / TLS for your mail server please ensure the "InstantASP_EnableSSLForSMTPServer" application setting within the InstantForum web.config file is set to true. This is shown below...

<add key="InstantASP_EnableSSLForSMTPServer" value="false" />

We hope this helps you configure your InstantForum emails. If we can assist of course please don't hesitate to contact us or open a support ticket.

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