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LCID Error After Enabling Attachment Search Within InstantKB

Known Issues
After enabling SQL Server full text search within InstantKB and choosing to search attachments you may receive the following error message….

Exception Type:        System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException
Exception Message:     Full-text table or indexed view has more than one LCID among its full-text indexed columns.
Exception Source:      .Net SqlClient Data Provider
Exception Target Site: OnError


This error can occur if you've enabled attachment search within InstantKB.NET and have not defined a consistant set of word breakers when defining the full text index. For example...


To resolve this exception please ensure you use the same word breaker for all columns within the "InstantKB_Attachments" table full text index.  If you've already created your index you'll need to right click on your InstantKB_Attachments table. From the context menu select Full-Text Index > Properties. From the full text index properties dialog click the "Columns" option on the left. This will display indexed columns & word breakers as shown below...


That's It!

This should resolve the error message. You may wish to rebuild the index again to ensure it's fully upto date. If you require further assistance please don't hesitate to open a support ticket or contact us.

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