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404 Error When Clicking Articles or Topics

Known Issues

When clicking on an article within InstantKB.NET or a topic within InstantForum.NET  you may receive a "404 Page Cannot Be Found" or a "The Resource cannot be found." message.


This typically occurs if the URL rewriting module is not configured correctly.


To resolve this please follow the steps below…


Classic .NET Application Pools


  1. If your using IIS7 please ensure InstantForum.NET or InstantKB.NET is installed within a Classic .NET Application Pool.


  1. Ensure the following entry is present within your web.config file...


<add type="InstantASP.InstantKB.HttpModule.URLRewritterModule, InstantASP.InstantKB" name="URLRewritterModule"/>

Integrated Application Pools

If your using InstantForum.NET or InstantKB.NET in a IIS7 integrated application pool you will need to ensure you follow the steps in the articles shown below…





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