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Ive locked myself out of my InstantKB.NET installation

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With InstantKB.NET 2.0 we provide the ability within the Admin CP to disable the login & registration features. This is intended for those who have integrated InstantKB.NET with an existing login & registration system.

You can see these options below…

We would not suggest disabling the login or registration pages if you depend unpin these to access your InstantKB.NET installation.

If you do accidently disable the login page and lock yourself out of your InstantKB.NET Admin CP  you'll need to modify the InstantKB.NET database directly to re-enable the login page.

To reset your InstantKB.NET login & registration settings please follow the steps below…

1. Connect to your InstantKB.NET database

You'll need to connec to your SQL Server instance with SQL Server Management Studio or similar tool that allows you to execute quries against your database.

2. Execute the following TSQL against your InstantKB.NET database…

UPDATE InstantKB_Settings
SET       SettingsXML = ''
WHERE (SettingText = 'AdminSettings_RegistrationLogin')

This will delete all login & registration settings within your InstantKB_Settings table.

3. Recycle the ASP.NET cache.

As you've modified the database directly you may need to recycle the InstantKB.NET application pool to clear the ASP.NET cache and force InstantKB.NET to get the latest settings from your database.

That's It!

When you visit your InstantKB.NET installation you should not see the login & registration links as expected. IF you have any questions or problems please don't hesitate to contact us.

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