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Understanding the default database connection string

This article is intended to provide assistance if your having any trouble installing our products using the default connection string.

By default both InstantForum.NET and InsantKB.NET are provided with a connection similar to...

server=localhost; trusted_connection=true; database=DatabaesName;
To assist with any problems you may encounter whilst using this connection string we've broken down and explained each element of the default connection string below.


This is the name or IP address of your SQL Server instance. To locate the name for your SQL Server instance you can follow the steps below.

If your SQL Server 2000 right open the SQL Server Manager by double clicking the SQL Server icon within your taskbar. Next to the system date & time clock. Once you open the SQL Server Manager dialog you'll see a "Server" field. Does this read localhost?

If your using SQL Server 2005 you'll need to open the SQL Server 2995 Configuration Manager. Click the "SQL Server 2005 Services" node then double click the "SQL Server Agent (MSSQLServer)" service. Within the service proprty dialog clck the "Service" tab and locate the "Host Name" field.

If you've installed a local instance of SQL Server the server name will typically be the machine name or IP address of that machine. Shared hosting providers may require you to update this to something like "".


By default InstantForum.NET & InstantKB.NET use a trusted connection. This is intended to allow you to get up and running quickly without having to configure any specific SQL Server accounts for your database.

Trusted connections will use the same windows account that your ASP.NET worker process is running under. This is typically the ASPNET account for Windows XP, 2000 or the NETWORKSERVICE account for Windows Server 2003, 2008, Vista.

As the software is setup by default to use a trusted connection you need to add the ASPNET or NETWORKSERVICE to get started quickly once you've created your database you should add either the ASPNET or NETWORKSERVICE account to your database. When adding accounts either the ASPNET or NETWORKSERVICE account will be available depending on your operating system.

To ensure the ASPNET or NETWORKSERVICE account can access the various tables and execute the stored procedures required by our products you should associate "db_owner" privileges with either the ASPNET or NETWORKSERVICE account.

For SQL Server 2005 expand your database and click the "Security" note. Right click "Users" and select "Add User". Locate the ASPNET or NETWORKServICE account (depending on your SQL Server OS) and give this "db_owner" privileges for your database.


You should ensure a database called InstantKB20 exists on your local instance of SQL Server. As your using a trusted connection within the connection string as detailed above the ASPNET / NETWORKSERVICE account will need db_owner access to this InstantKB20 database.

I hope this article addresses some of the more common questions we receive around our default connection string. If we can assist with any questions post your comment below or please don't hesitate to contact us.

Optionally provide private feedback to help us improve this article...

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