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Debugging Email Problems with InstantForum & InstantKB

Known Issues

This article is intended to provide guidance for debugging any email problems within InstantForum or InstantKB. For example if you notice emails are not sending. It's assumed you've already modified the settings within InstantKB or InstantForum Admin CP to point towards your SMTP Server.

Enable Debug Information

The steps below will enable you to see the actual .NET exception message raised by the System.Net.Mail classes if our software has any problems communicating with your SMTP server.

1. Open the InstantKB or InstantForum web.config

2. Change the InstantASP_AutoFlushMailQueue setting to True as shown below...

<add key="InstantASP_AutoFlushMailQueue" value="True" />

3. Change the InstantASP_EnableSMTPDebug setting to True as shown below...

<add key="InstantASP_EnableSMTPDebug" value="True" />

These changes will ensure our software displays the actual error message if your experiencing email problems.

Enabling Logging For Emails

NOTE: Email logging is only supported with InstantForum 2014 or InstantKB 2014 or above. Earlier versions don't support this feature.

You can optionally write any success and exception messages to the "Exceptions.config" file within the root of your InstantKB or InstantForum installation when the applications send emails. This can be helpful to troubleshoot email issues. To enable this you need to ensure the following...


This should be set to false.

<add key="InstantASP_AutoFlushMailQueue " value="false" />


This should be set to true. This will enable additional SMTP debug information to the written to the Exceptions.config file.

<add key="InstantASP_EnableSMTPDebug" value="true" />


This application setting needs to be configured so the InstantForum background thread used to send emails knows were to find the "Exceptions.config" file.This should contains the full physical path to your InstantForum or InstantKB installation and should appear as shown below...

<add key="InstantASP_InstallPath" value="C:\inetpub\wwwroot\InstantForum2015\" />


This must be set to "ToFile" within the web.config for exceptions to be loggged to Exceptions.config as shown below...

<add key="InstantASP_ExceptionLogMethod" value="ToFile" />

Once you've configured these settings you should see messages appear within the "Exceptions.config" file overtime as emails are generated. We will log both success and failures so please don't forget to disabling logging once complete otherwise this file could grow very large.

Testing Emails

To now test the sending of email's you can update your username or perform another action within the application that generates email.

To quickly test email's after the changes above please visit the Admin CP and visit the Manage Members page. Edit your profile and update your username. When updating a username via the Admin CP it's possible to send an optional email to the user who's username you are updating.

Note you don't actually need to change the username. You can enter the existing username into the "New Username" textbox however you will need to ensure you select "Yes" to send the confirmation email. Submit your changes and an email will be generated. If any errors occur whilst sending the email or communicating with your SMTP server they will be shown as an error.

If everything was successful you should receive the email to confirm the username change.

This will generate an email to your account email address informing you of the change.

Once you see the actual exception message we would suggest you open a support ticket and attach your error message. We'll respond with what could be causing any problems as quickly as possible.

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