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How do i upgrade InstantKB.NET v1.1 to v1.2


This document details the steps neccessary to upgrade an existing InstantKB.NET v1.1 installation to a v1.2 installation. Upgrading to version 1.2 will not erase any existing data within your database however please follow these instructions carefully as we cannot be held reasonable for any loss. 

If you have performed custom modifications to your knowledge base and you wish to upgrade please contact and detail your changes. These upgrades are not easy and we would require as much information as possible to assist. 

Upgrade Instructions:

  1. Execute and install the latest v1.2 installation on a development / testing server using the MSI installation package. On-screen instructions are provided during the installation process.

  2. During installation it will prompt you to specify a virtual directory / application name. Please leave this as "instantkb12"

  3. Navigate to the fresh installation directory after the Wizard has finished this is normally c:\inetpub\wwwroot\instantkb12

  4. This step is very important. Next copy the following files and folders to replace your existing 1.1 files.

    • The entire admin directory

    • All ASPX files from the root directory and the Global.asax file

    • The Controls directory- Please remember to ensure you do not replace any existing files you may have modified. Please copy any modified files first then paste your code back into the new 1.2 user-controls.

    • The entire images directory

    • The entire scripts directory

  5. Copy the InstantKB.DLL and InstantKBCodeBehind.DLL assembly files within the instantkb12/bin directory. Remove the old InstantKB_Logic.DLL and InstantKB_Controls.DLL files from your existing InstantKB.NET installation. Paste the two new InstantKB.dll and InstantKBCodeBehind.DLL assemblies into your existing /bin directory.

  6. Now open your InstantKB.NET v1.1 SQL Server database and execute the upgrade SQL file provided by default at C:\inetpub\wwwroot\instantkb12\database\upgrade\InstantKB1.1to1.2upgrade.sql

  7. Three new application settings have been introduced within the web.config file which you will need to update. These keys are:

    • InstantKB_AppPhysicalPath

    • InstantKB_ShowAskAQuestion

    • InstantKB_ShowLogin

    • More Information about these new application settings can be found here.

  8. Test your installation.

Should you experience any problems please don't hesitate to contact we will do our very best to help but please remember upgrades are not supported if you have made heavy modifications to the v1.1 codebase.

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