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With our on-premise installations we offer both an End User & Developer License.

In short the only difference between these two license types is the level of product course code you'll receive access to. Our End User License offers limited source code whilst our Developer License offers the full source code.

Both license types contain pre-compiled .NET assemblies and no additional compilation is needed however if you wish to extend our software both license types offer a working Visual Studio solution allowing you to customize the C# product source code within a familiar IDE.

Both license types also offer the same functionality. There are no differences in terms of run-time functionality with our End User License or Developer License. Both license types offer an identical feature set.

For a complete overview of the differences between our End User & Developer License please our "Licensing" page. A brief summary of the key differences between our End User & Developer Licenses is induced below...

Developers License

The Developers License is provided with full application source code. This includes the full Visual Studio web application solution and all related class file projects. The separate class file projects contain the data access and server control source code. For example the WYSIWYG editor code is provided with the developers license allowing you to make changes to the control.

End User License

The End User License is provided with just the ASP.NET Web Application project and all associated code-behind. The data access, business logic and some control logic is provided as a pre-compiled assemblies.

This license will still allow you to make changes to our software including making modifications to HTML, fonts, style sheet classes, JavaScript files and all skin controls. You can also take advantage of the built-in API that is pre-compiled with the End User License to programmatically create users within our software or use other APIs. To take advantage of the InstantForum API please add a reference to your web application project to the InstantASP.InstantForum.DLL file.

License URLs

Our single web site license allows you to install our software on a single production URL. We will always provide lienses free of charge for development, testing & staging environments.

Common FAQ's

Can I upgrade from the End User License to the full source Developer License

Yes. You can upgrade from our End User License to the full source code Developer License anytime and only pay the difference. Simply contact our sales team for assistance.

Can I customize the visual appearance of your software with the End User License.

Yes. You can completely customize our software visually without the need for the Developer License. The Developer License is only needed if you intend to make functionality changes or modify our core source code. All user interface code is completely separate from business or data access code. ​

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