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How do i filter bad language from forum posts?


From InstantForum.NET v1.2 a bad language filter is provided to ensure posts cannot contain abusive words. Users of Developer License can modify the language list from within the .NET assembly source code. The end user license cannot offer this ability.

To modify the language filter and add or remove words you will need to open the globals.vb file within the /components directory. This is the un-compiled .NET assembly. The assembly files contains a shared function called FormatPost on line 140. The filtering occurs at the top of this function. Users familiar with ASP.NET should have no problems modifying this list. Please remember you will need to re-compile the assembly before your changes will take effect.

Further instructions on modifying the .NET assembly is provided within the related links section below. If you require any assistance modifying the assembly please don't hesitate to contact or post your request to our support forums.

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