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InstantKB 2018 Breaking Changes

Whilst we've made every effort to minimize breaking changes for customers upgrading from earlier versions of InstantKB, InstantKB 2018 introduces a notable breaking change around skins & themes which was necessary to ensure InstantKB continues to feel like a modern web application.

InstantKB 2018 has undergone a significant user interface update to utilize our Ignition UI framework and as such existing InstantKB 2016-3 or earlier skins will not work with InstantKB 2018. If you wish to upgrade we would suggest re-applying any changes you made to your existing InstantKB skin into the new "Classic" skin offered within the InstantKB 2018 download.

If you do choose to upgrade we'll happily work with you to help you migrate your existing InstantKB theme to support InstantKB 2018 at no additional cost. Should you wish to upgrade and have any concerns around this please don't hesitate to contact us.

There are no other breaking changes within InstantKB 2018.