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Upgrading from an older version of InstantKB

When upgrading from an older version of InstantKB we would always suggest installing a fresh version of the newer files you download. For example if your upgrading from InstantKB 2011 to InstantKB 2016 we would suggest simply installing the InstantKB 2016 files within IIS alongside your existing InstantKB 2011 installation. You don't need to install the InstantKB 2014 files or any versions released between 2011 or 2016 only the very latest files. .

Once you've installed the latest files you can upgrade your existing InstantKB database to match the version of InstantKB you downloaded. To upgrade your database you will need to run the various .tsql database upgrade scripts that can be found within the "DatabaseScripts" folder provided with every version of InstantKB

Within your InstantKB 2016 download these can be found withi nthe InstantKB2016/DatabaseScripts/UpgradeScripts folder.

You will need to run the upgrade scripts one by one starting from the version you are upgrading from and ending with the version you have downloaded & installed.

For example if your upgrading from InstantKB 2011 to InstantKB 2016 you would install the InstantKB 2016 files and then upgrade your InstantKB 2011 database by running the following scripts in the order shown below....

  • 2011_to_2011_1.sql
  • 2011-1_to_2011_2.sql
  • 2011-2_to_2014.sql
  • 2014_to_2014-1.sql
  • 2014-1_to_2015.sql
  • 2015_to_2015-1.sql
  • 2015-1_to_2015-2.sql
  • 2015-2_to_2016.sql
  • 2015-2_to_2016.sql
  • 2016_to_2016-1.sql
  • 2016-1_to_2016-2.sql
  • 2016-2_to_2016-3.sql
  • 2016-3_to_2016-4.sql
  • 2016-4_to_2018.sql
  • 2018_to_2018-1.sql
  • 2018-1_to_2018-2.sql

Once you've executed each of these scripts you can point a fresh InstantKB 2016 installation to your upgraded InstantKB 2011 database by updating the database connection string within the InstantKB 2016 web.config file.

Uploads & Attachments

Copy the "Uploads" and if available the "Attachments" folder from the root of your existing InstantKB installation and paste these into the root of your new InstantKB 2016 installation. Overwrite the existing "Uploads" folder when prompted.

The uploads or attachments folder contains all the images embedded within your support articles.

File Permissions

Don't forget to re-apply permissions to your "Uploads" folder so new images can be uploaded.

Notable Braking Changes


If your upgrading from an older version of InstantKB to InstantKB 2014 or above you may need to ensure the "InstantASP_CryptographyMethod" application setting within the InstantKB web.config is set to "TripleDES". This will ensure you can continue to login using your accounts created in earlier versions of InstantKB.

Broken Icon Images

The Skins/Classic/Images/SmallIcons used in previous versions of InstantKB have been deprecated. For this reason you may see broken icon images after your upgrade from an earlier version of InstantKB.

If you would like to keep the icons used in your previous installation of InstantKB simply copy all the files from "Skins/Classic/Images/SmallIcons/OldIcons" into "Skins/Classic/Images/SmallIcons" again.

Alternatively you can select from the newer style icons for your tabs & categopries after the upgrade via the Admin or Agent control panels.‚Äč

All Breaking Changes

The following articles also detail the braking changes between releases which you may need to consider when upgradeing from older versions of InstantKB.

Need Help?

If we can assist you with upgrading to our latest InstantKB release of course please don't hesitate to contact us or submit a support request.