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InstantKB 2016-1 Release Notes

This article details the main changes introduced within the InstantKB 2016-1 update. 

New Features

  • New REST API + Visual API Explorer to discover & test the new REST API
  • Added additional pretty print templates for other programming languages
  • Added optional pepper support for password hashes within web.config


  • Streamlined wild card keyword matching within rules for Subject Contains & Subject Does Not Contain
  • Improved error handling around Export To PDF if parsing fails
  • Moved all .aspx code-behind files to 100% C# (no more .VB code-behind files)
  • Significant performance improvements to how categories are queried and returned


  • Fixed issue with table CSS not showing within editor Apply CSS drop down in IE11
  • Fixed CSS issues on Admin CP > Agent Permissions page
  • Fixed issue with BuildChangeActionSQL generating invlid SQL
  • Fixed closed tickets report not showing any data unless you had at least 1 archived ticket
  • Fixed article image CSS being applied to images within support tickets- 
  • Fixed 2 broken links on login & registration pages if SEO URLs were enabled
  • Fixed issues with responsive design not being applied to both login & registration pages
  • Fixed issues with validation call out box being styled yellow by row focus on input elements
  • Fixed issue with feedback button still showing within documentation view even if disabled via permissions
  • Fixed issue with fixed pencil icon (bottom left) showing for anonymous users
  • Several code refactorings to align with WebAPI & text description updates