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InstantKB 2016 Breaking Changes

This article details the breaking changes and deprecated features or APIs introduced within InstantKB 2016. This information is only relevant for existing customers upgrading from previous versions of InstantKB to the InstantKB 2016 release.

Breaking Changes

New CSS Framework

Whilst we've attempted to keep CSS classes consistent we have gone ahead and prefixed all common CSS classes with ".i-{classname}" and all InstantKB specific CSS classes with ".ikb-{classname}". The reason for tense prefixes is to ensure other popular CSS frameworks (bootstrap, milligram) don't conflict with our CSS when integrating InstantKB into your web site.

Because of these changes unfortunately custom skins created in earlier versions of InstantKB won't be compatible with InstantKB 2016 or above. You will need to start with the Classic skin provided with the InstantKB 2016 download and re-apply any visual customization to this skin. Of course we are here to assist with any upgrade questions. .

New Pepper for Password Hashes

We've added an additional layer of security for hashed values stored within your InstantKB database. All hashes are already salted before being hashed and stored however you can now define an optional pepper stored separately from your InstantKB database that will be combined with each unique salt before any hashes are generated.

If your already using a hashing algorithm (SHA512) within your existing InstantKB installation and wish to ensure existing users can login after your upgrade you should reset the new InstantASP_CryptographyHashPepper application setting introduced within the InstantKB 2016 web.config file to zero (0) as shown below.

<add key="InstantASP_CryptographyHashPepper" value="0" />

Update to jQuery 2..2.0

InstantKB 2016 updates the version of jQuery we use from 1.8.2 to 2.2.0. A number of features were deprecated in jQuery 2.x so if you've added custom JavaScript to the InstantKB interface that depends on jQuery you may need to consider this. For example there is no longer a $.browser object in jQuery 2.x and you cannot use live bindings for events. ​

Discontinued or Deprecated Features

Who's Online

The Who's Online panel on the InstantKB homepage has been removed and moved within the Agent Control Panel. This feature was really not helpful for customers looking for support however it may be helpful to support agents so they can see who is online currently.

My Issues

The My Issues panel that showed the last 5 support issues you had opened on the InstantKB homepage has been removed and replaced with a single My Issues button. The space available to show this information was limited causing subjects to wrap onto multiple lines. Removing this also saves an additional database query on the InstantKB homepage for logged in users. ​