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Updating the default InstantKB Administrator Account

You should update the default administrator login details after installing InstantKB. This is to ensure others can't login as the administrator within your installation.

First you'll need to access your InstantKB Administrator Control Panel or Admin CP.​

From within the Admin CP hover over the "Users" link on the left and select Users from the menu....

From the users page click Edit Profile alongside the Administrator account or simply click the Administrator name as shown below...

From the edit profile page use the various buttons shown below to update the administrators email address, username & password. It's important you remember these details to ensure you can login again. Any change to your email address will automatically log you out of InstantKB. For this reason we would suggest your update your username and password first.

That's It!

You should now update the SMTP server settings within InstantKB to ensure the application can send email's. Email's are sent for example during registration or during workflow. You cam update the SMTP server information from the "Admin CP » Settings » Outbound Email" page.