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InstantKB 2015 Release Notes

For a complete list of all new features, improvements & fixes that can be found in our InstantKB 2016 release please review the various sections below.

New Multi-Channel Inbound Customer Support

InstantKB 2015 introduces the ability to now monitor several different support channels and convert questions from these channels into support tickets within InstantKB.

Email Support

InstantKB 2015 can monitor any number of email accounts you choose and convert your emails into support tickets. All automation features within InstantKB can be applied against inbound emails to automatically assign, prioritize & route issues to the right support agents. Once an email is received and converted into a support ticket all further email communication from the customer will automatically appear under the original ticket.

Twitter Support 

InstantKB 2015 can monitor any number of twitter accounts and convert direct messages and @mentions for those accounts into support tickets your agents can act upon. Better yet your agents can respond to all DM's and @mention right from the ticket within InstantKB ensuring agents don't need to navigate away or login to twitter to help customers. All automation features within InstantKB can be applied against inbound support from twitter to automatically assign, prioritize & route messages to the right support agents.

Facebook Support 

InstantKB 2015 can monitor any number of Facebook accounts and convert private messages or public comments posted to any of your Facebook brand pages into support tickets your agents can act upon. Better yet support agents can respond to all Facebook message right from the ticket within InstantKB ensuring agents don't need to navigate away or login to Facebook to help customers. All automation features within InstantKB can be applied against inbound support from Facebook to automatically assign, prioritize & route messages to the right support agents.

Live Chat Support 

InstantKB 2015 integrates with Olark right out the box to enable you to easily add real time live chat support to your InstantKB support pages. All chat conversations are automatically converted into InstantKB support tickets and associated with the contact. A full transcript of the chat conversation is also automatically added to the ticket generated for the chat.

Phone Support

InstantKB 2015 integrates with Twilio to let support agents make and receive phone calls from within the InstantKB Agent Control Panel. When a call is made or received a new ticket is automatically created for the call which is related to the caller or contact your calling. Agents can add notes during calls and once the call ends the ticket is updated with any unsaved notes and the time spent on the call is added to the ticket. Better yet all customer information is displayed whenever you call a customer or the moment a customer calls you.


InstantKB 2015 lets your customers also submit new support tickets via the self service support portal. As customers compose support tickets via the support portal InstantKB will search your knowledgebase and suggest articles that may help the customer right away so they don't need to contact support. As an administrator you can control the visibility of this option or completely customize the form used by customers to submit new support tickets.

New Documentation Tab

The new documentation tab type introduced in our 2015 release lets you easily create dedicated areas within your support portal to host & manage more in-depth product documentation. You can create any number of documentation tabs from within the Administrator Control Panel. All documentation tabs have a unique view separate from regular knowledgebase tabs. The new documentation view is optimized to help customers & agents navigate larger sets of product documentation When you create a documentation tab within InstantKB 2015 this tab will have the following appearance...

New CRM Features

Contacts Page

The new contacts page within the Agent CP shows all customers who have contacted you through any support channel you are monitoring

Contacts are automatically added to InstantKB when a ticket is received for the author of the ticket and the contact record will show up here within the contact page. You can access the contact page from the Admin or Agent CP at anytime using the "Contacts" icon in the top navigation bar 

You can quickly add new contacts or filter existing contacts by content list. You can also search contacts or edit any contact profile. 

Automated Contact Creation 

When a customer contacts you through any support channel within InstantKB a contact record is automatically created within InstantKB for the customer. Better yet all contacts are automatically populated with basic profile information. For example if a customer sends you a message through twtitter InstantKB will use the customers twitter photo & screen name for the contact record created within InstantKB. Once a contact has been created all further communications from that contact will then be associated with the contact for easy lookup within InstantKB.

Improved User Profiles

We've revamped contact profiles and made it super easy for agents to quickly build-up contact profile information.

New Contact Notes View

 We've improved private contact notes and added a new view to show all notes related for the contract. This view shows you all notes related to the current ticket you are working (if you access a profile via a ticket) and will also show all other notes for the contact from other tickets. 

New Contact Attachments View

The new attachment view lets your agents quickly see all files sent by a contact within all tickets they've opened.

New Contact Lists

You can now organize contacts who contact you through any support channel into specific contact lists. For example you may wish to create a contact list called "Priority Support" and place customers who have purchased support from you into this contact list. You can then use contact lists in combination with rules to automatically handle tickets from customers within the "Priority Support" contact list.

Lists are very powerful and allow you to segment your customer. You can handle tickets from different lists in various ways by creating rules to decide how to deal with incoming message if the sender belongs to a specific contact list. 

You can customize contact lists to suite your specific needs. You can add your own contact lsits, edit or delete contact lists and of course sort contact lists. You can manage contact lists by clicking the gear icon on the Contact page and selecting Manage Contacts. This will show the following dialog...

Once you've customized your contact lists you can associate this with individual contacts when editing a contacts profile. You can associate one or more contact lists with any specific contact as shown below...


And of course you can quickly filter your contact lists from the contact page as shown below...

Ability To Add Contacts

We've added new options within the Agent & Admin CP that now allows you to quickly add contacts into InstantKB

New Manage Articles Interface For Agents

We've streamlined the interface used for managing articles within InstantKB 2015. We've introduced a new tool bar at the top of the manage articles page and improved the bulk editing capabilities when viewing a list of articles....

New Edit Article Interface For Agents

We've improved the various options available when working with articles. 

New Manage Tickets Interface For Agents

 We've streamlined the interface used for managing tickets within InstantKB 2015. We've introduced a new tool bar at the top of the manage tickets  page and improved the bulk editing capabilities when viewing a list of tickets....

New Agent Ticket View

We've improved several ares when working with tickets. At the top of each ticket a toolbar will be shown allowing agents to quickly access customer information or perform various actions again the ticket. 

New Contact Profile Page

Every contact within InstantKB now has a dedicated contact page within the Agent CP.  You can access a contacts profile page from any ticket or from the new contacts page accessible from both the Agent & Admin Control Panel. 

 The new contact profile page allows agents to quickly understand the history of a customer when providing support . You can also identify if you've been helping the customer in a timely fashion using the User Activity timeline and get a general sense  .

You can see in the screen grab a contact who has sent us a few questions via twitter. You can see the contact lists the contact belongs below there username - in this example "Hot Leads". You can also see all other profile & contact information on this page. 

Within the toolbar along the top of each contact page  you'll find links to access all previous tickets, notes or attachments for the contact. You can also send a new ticket to the contact from this page. 

New Content Rating Options

InstantKB 2015 introduces new ways for you to gather feedback from those reading your support contact. 

You can choose which rating method is displayed to users at the bottom of articles on a per article basis from the new article settings dialog which can be accessed when editing articles...

Customizable Work Flow Step Notifications

InstantKB 2015 now allows you to customize the emails that can be triggered when articles or tickets are moved into a specific work flow step. Previously this notifications used a standard template and could not be modified. The ability to modify these notifications is help if you wish to include unique information within the notification based on the workflow step an article or ticket is moved to.

For example you could use this new ability to trigger a unique customized email to a customer who originally opened a ticket when the ticket is moved into the "Ticket Resolved" workflow  step as shown below...

Improved Rules

Rules have been updated to accommodate for contact lists added into InstantKB 2015.

We've also rewritten the search algorithm used by the rules engine to select tickets based on the conditions within the rule. This has allowed us to add a new "Execute Rule Now" option when creating or editing rules. 

Improved Reports

We've improved several reports offered within InstantKB 2015. The time tracking reports for support tickets have been improved now incorporate the new automated time tracking capabilities built into 2015. You can now see down to the minute the time your agents have spent helping customers via support tickets or speaking with customers on the phone. 

Other General Improvements

- Refactored virtually all classes within the InstantASP.InstantKB.UI project to provide more readable code.
- Lots of small performance improvements throughout the entire code base
- Added logging capability into email, twitter & Facebook monitoring for debugging purposes
- Improved Edit User Profile page within the Admin CP
- Improved page information and tool tip descriptions throughout within the Admin & Agent Control Panels.
- You can now open and send tickets on behalf of customers
- You can now create private tickets related to a customer / contact that are only visible to support agents

Other Notable Changes

- The Staff CP has been renamed to the Agent CP throughout.
- Members have been renamed to Users within the Admin CP and Contacts within the Agent CP

That's It!

We sincerely hope you enjoy all the new features and improvements within our InstantKB 2015 release. As always we would love to hear from you. If you have any quesitons regarding our InstantKB 2015 relaese of course please don't hesitate to contact us.